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What a privilege to stand by people who are grieving! In such poignant moments of loss, you have rich opportunities to share God's love and comfort. In those rare times, God can reach people who might otherwise be too busy, proud, or uninterested to respond to his love. In moments of broken-heartedness, people may turn to God in confusion, despair, loneliness, or pain. As a caregiver, you have the privilege of helping wounded people meet the God who alone can comfort them and give them peace - the God who loves and forgives them.


At some point in time, grief touches everyone of us. It is a time when we all need  special help, comfort and guidance. But God has not left us helpless and hopeless.

With the assurance of God’s eternal Word, we are confident that death is only a temporary parting. One day we shall meet our loved ones again in heaven for eternity.

Words of Comfort

When people experience loss, they are often distressed to find that they are numb, exhausted, confused, or feeling guilty about some aspect of their loss. They may be frightened or shocked at their own behavior and ask, "How could I, a faithful Christian, be angry and depressed about this?" Help them see that they are not only people of faith, they are also people with a wide range of God-given human emotions.
Jesus knows how they feel because he experienced all human emotions himself.

For example:

  • He wept with Mary and Martha when their brother (and his friend) Lazarus died (John 11:35)

  • He was angry when the Pharisees led people away from God (Matthew 23:1-36)

  • His tender heart compelled him to touch and heal people and to forgive their sins (Matthew 9:1-8)

God is not shocked or confused by the emotions surrounding grief and loss. God wants bereaved people to bring their emotions to him so that he can comfort and heal their hurting hearts.

God Knows How You Feel