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Bring Back Home

300 Mandai Rd, SingaporeSingapore 779393, Singapore

Families who wish to safeguard their loved ones ashes have the option to do so.


1. After the cremation, the crematorium will store the ashes in their own individual container first. They can hold up to 2 years for free.

2. When we are ready to collect the ashes, the crematorium will hand us the container to bring to a private room, where we will transfer the ashes into the family's urn (urn varies according to the columbarium)

3. The crematorium's container is returned to them

4. The family will bring the urn to the niche that they have bought or back home

If you require an urn, you may browse our available catalog here


Ash Collection Centre Map:

Ash Collection Centre at Mandai Crematorium Operating hours:

Monday to Sunday : 8.30am - 4.30pm daily

*(closed for lunch from 1pm – 2pm)*

Item(s) to bring for the ash collection:


2. NEA Ash Collection Form

3. Urn

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